Fresh from concluding 2018 World Art Dubai, Michael Musyoka and Lincoln Mwangi put up Yearning. An exhibit that opened on April the 21st and 22nd at The Attic Art Space, located in Nairobi’s Nyari estate. It is on till May the 20th. The duo explore desire, its repercussions and the very desire to be free from a life of insatiable need. This was a picture painted by an array of highly complementary yet visually contrasting surrealist paintings and monochromatic drawings.

The Attic Art Space
Yearning 2

In his paintings, Michael depicts life as big meshed structures gently floating along currents of a large mass of water. The structures bear gaping holes that represent burning needs that demand fulfillment, in a desperate aim to keep the structures afloat. However, every time a need is met, another pops up demanding satisfaction, and more do so ad infinitum. Michael sees this being applicable to all manners of life on earth.  In his own words, “My works at the exhibition are about my desire to be free from this life of need.” as big meshed structures gently floating along currents of a large mass of water.

In lieu of breaking free from the insatiabilities of desire, Lincoln feeds into desire; portraying it as an individual’s truth-concealing veil. One that hides people’s innermost wants and wishes, ultimately segregating an individual’s identity from society’s. “We wear it to secretly get what we want sidelining set societal standards. They are a beautiful refuge of a fantastic future we build. As is a dream that drifts you off from cold land of reality, to a warm fluid-like fantasy that elevates feelings of weightlessness in us.” However, he goes a step further to site how our human structures remain unadaptable to “marine” life. Inevitably, our desires soon start to slowly eat away at us from within, prior to the beginning of the transference of the desire to others. individual's truth-concealing veil. One that hides people's innermost wants and wishes...

The show ushers in Barcode- The Layer Between, a solo exhibition by David Thuku. It opens on 29th of April at Red Hill Art Gallery and runs till 10th of June.

Barcode- The Layer Between



Photos courtesy of Eric Mong’orion Gitonga

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