Kipruto Rop

Artist Bio

Born in 1993, Abdul Kipruto is an emerging artist currently working as member artist at Brush Tu Art Studio in Nairobi. He studied and graduated with a B.A. in SOCIOLOGY AND RELIGION but later delved into art as an apprentice.  He started his art career as a painter but later decided to make a move into print making as one of his major practice. He has participated in group exhibitions, including the Kenya Art Fair 2016.

Selected Exhibition

  • Kenya Art Fair: (2016)
  • ART TO END SLAVERY 2: KOBO Trust- Nairobi. (2017)
  • THE UNTITLED: Polka Dot- Nairobi. (2017)
  • Kenya Art Fair: Nairobi (2017)


  • INTAGLIO: by Wycliffe Opondo– Kuona Trust Art Centre- (2017)
  • AQUA-TINT ETCHING: by Peterson Kamwathi– Brush Tu Studio (2017)
  • WOOD CUT PRINTING: by Thom Ogonga– Brush Tu Studio (2017)
Woodcut Print
Woodcut Print
Woodcut Print
Woodcut Print