Michael Musyoka

Artist’ Bio

I am a Kenyan contemporary artist who draws inspiration from observing the behavior of people in my society. My own lifestyle and various other aspects of life (what I see and hear, music, movies, literature and day-to-day experiences) influence my creativity a great deal.

My journey in painting which began with sign writing in 2006 has earned me a portfolio of various attempts at different stylistic approaches, most notably cubism, surrealism and very recently, collage.

Selected Exhibitions

  • The Kenya Art Fair, Nairobi, November 2014 (group)
  • Empty walls no more, Little Art Gallery, Nairobi, January 2015
  • Safaricom Jazz Festival, Safaricom Center, Nairobi ,March 2015
  • Manjano exhibition, The Village Market, Nairobi, March 2015
  • The Kenya Art Fair, Sarit Center, Nairobi, November 2015 (group)
  • This For That, The Art Space, Nairobi, March 2016 (Duo)
  • Young Talents exhibition, Glocal Arts Gallery, Dronninglund Denmark, May 2016 (group)
Smart Outside, Clown Inside
Pawn Outside, King Inside
Brave outside, Shy inside
Boy outside, Man inside
Cop Outside, Crook Inside
Clown Outside, not different Inside
Quid Pro Quo