Mung’ora Elias

Artist’ Bio

Drawing inspiration from everyday life in Nairobi, Mungora creates umistakable urban imagery, drawn on elements from contemporary culture, street life and architecture. Basing his works on his photography, he uses acrylic paints and canvas for execution.

Self-taught, Mungora began drawing early in life, mostly capturing childhood pop culture references. He joined college briefly to train as a Real Estate and Property Manager, but left to horn his artistic skills through tattooing.

Born and raised in Nyeri, Kenya, he is now based in Nairobi and is a member of the Brush-Tu Art Studio. He is currently experimenting with merging abstraction and cityscapes.

The recurring theme in my work is daily life in Nairobi. My environment serves as an inspiration for my work. Working with photographs and paint mediums,i observe and try to translate to the best of my ability the little bits that contribute to the contemporary culture and general life in Nairobi¬†–¬†Mung’ora

Selected Exhibitions


  • Little Art Gallery – Solo
  • Manjano Exhibition -Group Show
  • Lamu pop-up exhibition, Circle Art.- Group Show
  • Polka-dot Gallery – Group Show
  • Kenya Art Fair


  • The Art Space Kenya -Group Show
  • Kenya Art Fair – Group Show

Winner of 2016 Manjano competition.