Sebawali Sio

Artist Bio

Sebawali Sio is a Kenyan Born visual artist whose work primarily deals with the exploration of sexual, physical and emotional abuse of women. Her art regularly stems from her feelings communicated through paint on Canvas. She titles a majority of her pieces MUFFLED VOICES. This is meant to speak on women who have either not been believed, or feel for whatever reason. They do not have the space or platform to speak their truth.
‘Eyes’ and ‘women’ feature a lot in her work. She deems eyes important both as a means of communicating emotion and as organs of great significance, where Visual Art is concerned. Her paintings are thus cycles in terms of both the observer and the observed who are both engaged in ‘looking’. Women in her work are a form of Self portraits in a manner to suggest a shared identity as if all women could be her.


Sebawali celebrates the feminine in her work.
In addition to this, the circle of Life to her has a great deal to do with feminine energy.